About Earthtide Studios

“Sonic Solution Storytelling That Empowers Your Creative Sound.”

Zak Knight


Your Song.
Your Story.
Your Identity. Amplified.

Earthtide Studios creates major sound with minor stress. 

Founded by Colour & Shade’s Zak Knight, Earthtide is committed to bringing your audio to a whole new level. We are dedicated to amplifying your vision, empowering your sonic creations and magnifying the story of your musical design.
Zak has 15 years combined industry experience in recording, production, engineering and as an educator. A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter himself, he understands that your creative and emotional vision should be at the centre of the entirety of your writing and production journey.
Any project Earthtide Studio’s works on is completed with creativity and attention to detail at the forefront its sonic journey. We provide you with affordable, high quality audio services. Whether you are a band or an independent artist, our musician first mindset ensures your passion and ideas are leading the way from beginning to end.
We know it’s your story. We simply help bring it to life.

Earthtide Studios offers a wide range of services to suit the needs of your creative needs including:

We pride ourselves on being passion-driven, technical and creative leaders. We work with you where you need us. Dedicated to evoking the emotional response in your audience that your songs have created in you.

The 5 step guide to vocal mixing

Discover the 5 best steps to creating the radio-ready vocal you want.

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