“Every part of a song has a purpose. Every song tells a story.”

Earthtide Studios was founded by Colour & Shade’s Zak Knight, with a vision to provide affordable, high quality audio services for bands and independent artists.

With 15 years experience in songwriting and performing music, Zak’s exceptional attention to detail ensures that clients achieve the best possible version of their musical vision. Zak aspires for all his productions to spark an emotional reaction in the listener.

Earthtide Studios features a Tracking/Mixing Room as well as external live Drum recording, and offers services ranging from Pre-Production, Vocal Production, Songwriting, Programming, Engineering, Editing, Reamping, Mixing and Mastering all the way to full-scale EP and LP Productions.

Earthtide Studios is split between Monolith Studios in Thomastown, and in Caulfield North, Victoria.



Worked with Zak for a couple of projects now and I have to say his production quality is fantastic!


Working with Zak was a wonderful experience.
If you want quality, this is where you’ll find it.
As he is one of the most passionate and dedicated guys in the business.


I highly recommend Earthtide studios.
After recently working with Zak I found him to be Professional,
down to earth and very dedicated to producing the best quality sound for any project undertaken.

Melbourne, Australia | info@earthtidestudios.com.au