Extreme Vocal Production


How Much Time And Money Have YOU Spent Trying To Get That PERFECT Vocal Sound, But Have Yet To Achieve It?

Well That Ends Today!


It’s super frustrating to feel like you have all of the other elements dialed in, but the vocal performance and quality is holding your career back.
Does any of this sound familiar?…


  • You bought a fancy production course, but it doesn’t go deep enough into vocal production?
  • You watch YouTube videos to get tips, but you still don’t have a process to get killer vocals?
  • You are always blaming the vocalist for how the songs in your portfolio turn out?
  • You’ve spent tones of money on fancy plugins or outboard gear, hoping that you can just turn them on and your vocals will sound Pro?

I want to let you know that I’ve got your back! I’ve put together the Most Comprehensive course for vocal production, covering everything from your Room Sound, Microphone Setup, Producing A Vocalist, Tracking, Editing, Tuning, Mixing, Creative Vocal Production and Automation!

By the end of this course, you’ll be a professional vocal producer who is confident about EVERY record they put out!

The 5 step guide to vocal mixing

Discover the 5 best steps to creating the radio-ready vocal you want.

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